The Great Strike, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1912 Curriculum - Student and Teacher Materials Now Available For Your Classrooms!

great_strike_cover_web.jpgSmall Planet Communications, Inc., in partnership with the Lawrence History Center, has developed a comprehensive curriculum for teachers and students on the historic textile strike that took place in Lawrence in 1912.

The Great Strike tells the story of textile workers who joined together to protest a pay cut in the winter of 1912. The two-month work stoppage drew national and international attention for its scale and tactics and helped bring about changes that improved the lives of working people for years to come. Students will learn about the conditions that led to the strike, the risks and hardships strikers endured, and the impact of their efforts. By analyzing this historic event, students will develop an understanding of civic and economic issues that remain relevant today.

The Great Strike may be used as a supplement to a U.S. history unit on the Industrial Revolution or Progressivism, or as a stand-alone unit for exploring broader social studies themes and developing literacy skills. Side-column notes and questions provide point-of-use support. In addition, the Teacher's Guide includes resources for introducing the text, promoting understanding, and assessing and extending learning.

The curriculum, published in June, was recently incorporated into a summer learning program sponsored by the Lawrence History Center and funded by the ECCF Betty Beland Greater Lawrence Summer Fund (see The Great Strike of 1912: Summer Lessons in Lawrence 100 Years Later).

The 48-page, full-color Student Edition and the 16-page Teacher's Guide were written to meet local and national social studies standards and are available in both print and electronic format. To purchase, please visit (Student Edition books are $12 each or $9 each for quantities of 6 or more, and pdownloadable versions are $12 each; Teacher's Guides are $6 for both print and electronic versions.) If you have questions, please contact Lisa Lyons at Small Planet Communications,, 978-794-2201 ext. 2003 or Susan Grabski,, 978-686-9230 at the Lawrence History Center.

Small Planet Communications, Inc. is located in the historic Everett Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. A developer and publisher of K-12 educational materials, its clients include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, and National Geographic School Publishing. Small Planet is the publisher of the highly regarded Book Club literacy curriculum that includes teacher manuals for K-2, Elementary, and Middle School reading instruction, as well as a series of Book Club novel guides.

The Lawrence History Center (LHC) serves to collect, preserve, share, and interpret the history and heritage of Lawrence and its people. It maintains an extensive collection of historic photographs, municipal records, and oral histories. In 2012, the LHC has hosted several events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bread & Roses Labor Strike. The Great Strike curriculum provides an opportunity to educate students in Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley (and beyond) about this historic strike.

With our thanks and appreciation to the ECCF Merrimack Valley General Fund and Eastern Bank for partially funding the development of these materials.


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