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Community First and Everything Else Will Follow: Honoring Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham with the 2015 Eartha Dengler History Award

On Thursday, June 18, 2015, over 150 people gathered to celebrate Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham for over 30 years of work in Lawrence with teachers and students as they received the 2015 Earth Dengler History Award:

"Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham have brought together their shared roots in both Phillips Academy and the city of Lawrence to develop a remarkable writing program for teachers that inspires young people to discover and draw on their own strengths. Working with teachers who are trained in both youth development and the teaching of writing, young students find their own voices, and tell their own stories. They take back the narratives of their lives and their community, and come to appreciate, perhaps for the first time, the unique value they bring to the communities they live in.

The Andover Bread Loaf (ABL) program, as it is formally known, is based at Phillips Academy and anchored in the immigrant city of Lawrence. Initially shaped by the challenges and the hopes of the city, through the guidance of Lou and Rich’s shared vision and passion, ABL has now grown to communities worldwide. Dozens of young writers are gathering weekly at El Taller / The Workshop in downtown Lawrence to share their work and their hopes. In Lawrence and beyond, hundreds of program “graduates” are helping to rebuild and transform their communities through their unlocked skills, their leadership, and their empowered understanding of who they are."

The Evening Program (download in PDF) included:

Arrival and Cocktail Hour
Music by The Wobbly Boys


Mayor Daniel Rivera, City of Lawrence (including presentation of a proclamation for each of our honorees)
Susan Grabski, Executive Director, Lawrence History Center
Armand Hyatt, General Counsel, Lawrence CommunityWorks/Union Crossing


Michael Fiato, Headmaster, Lawrence High School
Fernando R. Alonso, Director of Outreach and Summer Session, Phillips Academy
Dixie Goswami, Bread Loaf Teacher Network, Middlebury College


Nate Baez, Dariana Guerrero, Keyla Rodriguez, Edwin Santana

Award Presentation

Maria De La Cruz, Constituent Aide to Senator L'Italien (presenting citation from Senator L'Italien)
Susan Grabski (presenting a citation from U.S. Senator Niki Tsongas)
Mary Guerrero and Adele Carter, Board of Directors, Lawrence History Center

With profound gratitude to honorees Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham, our host committee, sponsors, friends, and many others whose contributions have made the 2015 Eartha Dengler History Award Ceremony possible…Click here for a List of EVENT SPONSORS!

Thanks to Sondra Longo and Amita Kiley we were able to capture the evening in pictures. We invite you to enjoy the album on our Facebook page below! Congratulations to our Honorees Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham!!

Honoring Lou Bernieri and Rich GorhamJune 18, 2015Union Crossing, 50 Island Street, Lawrence, MA(photo credits: Sondra Longo and Amita Kiley)

Posted by Lawrence History Center on Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Program 2015: "Lawrence Student Writing Workshop: Re-Envisioning Lawrence @ the Lawrence History Center"

lhc_abl_summer_2015_cover.jpg"Lawrence Student Writing Workshop: Re-Envisioning Lawrence @ the Lawrence History Center" represents a new collaboration between the Lawrence History Center and Andover Bread Loaf, Lawrence Public Schools (for providing meals for students), and UMass Lowell.

The summer session will be FREE to 25 - 30 Lawrence students entering grades 5-7 and run 5 days/week, 9:00am to 2:00pm from June 29 to July 17 at the Lawrence History Center. The intensive three week long program will consist of creative and expository writing workshops designed to bolster student academic skills and their awareness and understanding of place around themes relevant to their community. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no charge to students by the Lawrence Public Schools. Free busing will be provided by the program .

Teachers Mary Guerrero and Lorena German will co-direct, along with 5 student writing leaders who will support participants. Students will explore LHC's historic Essex Company complex, have access to archival resources, take walking tours and field trips to local cultural places (including 2 scheduled trips to the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy), and hear guests speakers.

Students will learn to write more expressively and discover the joys and rewards of writing in all its forms. They will also participate in multimedia projects that involve art, music, theatre, and photography. Over the course of this unique program, students will become more competent and confident writers, artists, and communicators.

Lane Glenn, president of Northern Essex Community College and chairman of the newly formed Lawrence Partnership said this about the program:

“Lawrence has a very rich history and the Lawrence History Center is doing a terrific job of sharing it. Their partnership with Andover Bread Loaf is one more example of how they promote Lawrence and build pride in the city. As part of this project, middle school children will learn about Lawrence's beginnings and share what they've learned in presentations that will be on display throughout the city. It's a wonderful way of engaging many groups within the city, creating a learning experience that brings the community together to celebrate Lawrence.”

For more information, please download our program brochure: "Lawrence Student Writing Workshop: Re-Envisioning Lawrence @ the Lawrence History Center"

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